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"你好/NiHao" is the most important welcome phrase in Mandarin; it is also the name of the hostel and it's shop. And, it's a name of group of people who are genuine, decent, and always keen to help. We believed these words described not only in all our operations but also shown the natures of people in Taiwan .
HELLO NiHao你好!你好是中文中最重要的歡迎及招呼語,我們使用它向全世界的朋友打招呼。它也是我們旅宿系統與團隊的名字,代表著我們的行為準則:真誠且正直,熱衷助人的價值觀,這些特質不但代表著台灣人的友好天性,更是四海皆準的普世價值。
Cultural exchange, enviormental sustainbility, low energy comsuption yet high quality of life, and helping each others are the major action codes while we operate NiHao.
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Nihao Cafe hotel
歡迎來到你好咖啡旅館; 是咖啡廳,也是旅館,位在台北捷運大安站一號出口正後方! 城市咖啡館結合設計旅店,充滿綠意的庭園與植物散布其中,並提供地道的當地美食和專業咖啡。
Welcome to NiHao Cafe Hotel! Situated in the prestiges Daan district, NiHao Café Hotel combines cafe and hotel with the botanical living style with authentic local food ,and specialized coffee provided by the on-site cafe.
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Stay Long@Nihao CASA
你好CASA 長租
你好,是在台灣見面時會說的第一句話,台北,是來台灣時第一個會想到的城市Nihao@Stay 也會是您來台北的第一選擇無論您是要來工作、學習、深度旅遊,在Nihao@Stay,您只需要專注在您要做的事情上,剩下的,就交給我們! 帶上你的隨身行李,直接入住!結交新朋友,一起生活、一起玩樂,共居,共同體驗新事物、分享想法!
Just take your belongings...Check in!Nihao, is the first word you will say when meeting in Taiwan.Taipei, is the first city you will think of when coming to Taiwan. Nihao@Stay will be the first choice when you come to Taipei. No matter you are coming for working, learning or deep travel, you can just focus on the things you want to do, the rest, just leave them to us!
Maison NiHao 籌備中
Maison Nihao is the new type of hotel with lots of technoledgy empowing. It may be the most technologically ambitious plan of teamNihao so far. A large number of IOT software and hardware technology integration, together with self-developed programs for seamlessly connected best user-experiences, the sef-developed PMS software is control hub from the hotel administrative to spacial environment monitoring. We want to showcase the technology and hospitality experience we accumulated over the years, and bring on the promosing yet pratical hospitality technoledgy future.


自建旅宿管理系統ERP能處理大量繁複行政工作,簡化工作流程,提升人員訓練效率: PMS內容涵蓋OTA訂單管理控房管理及旅宿內部空間環境控制,並連結CHANNEL MANAGER /PMS/POS/清潔APP 等。
The self-built ERP can handle a large number of complicated administrative tasks, simplify the work flow and improve the efficiency of personnel training. PMS covers OTA channel management all the way to spacial environment monitoring, guestroom management and more. it seamlessly connected CHANNEL MANAGER /PMS/POS/Cleaning APP, etc.


motif. Lab內部設計團隊,提供全方位服務的創意團隊,負責開發和運營不同類型的住宿。我們遵循以人為本的設計方法。 注重客戶使用經驗/ 多年評語反饋 設計了解旅宿痛點,期以坪效最大化與使用者經驗完善的結合。
motif. Lab is an in-house, full-service creative team that develops and operates diffrent types of accomodation. We follow the paths of human-centered design.
We're focus on improving customer experience / years of operating feedback led to problem-sloving method. we deliverd the combination of maximum resource efficiency and great user experience enhancement.
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